How Do I Use The DA2 Trimble With Site Marker

The DA2 Trible allows you to get a more precise location of where you are standing, overriding your phone's GPS

The Issue

Dropping pins in Site Marker should be at a location level of confidence that you deem acceptable. However, your location can only be as accurate as the GPS signal you are receiving. The problem is your phone's GPS location is not very accurate and may seem to not be where it should be.

What is the Catalyst Trimble DA2?

The Trimble DA2 is a mobile GNSS receiver that allows you to override your phone's GPS system to get to 1 cm H / 2 cm V accuracy. Now, there are different plans that change what the accuracy level is. Here is a link taking you to Trimble's website showing what the different plans and uses are. Depending on how accurate you want to get, there is a plan for you.

How Do I Connect?

The connection point between your phone and DA2 is via Bluetooth. Upon getting the device there will be a power button on the underside of the unit that will turn it on. From there go to your phone's Bluetooth screen and find the connection. After connecting your phone go into the Trimble Mobile Manager to start using the device.

Upon loading into the application you will be presented the screen below, but would have your connection information:

Home screen-1

From here tap the menu icon in the top left and hit GNSS configuration, bringing you to this screen:

Auto GNSS-1

Depending on which state or region of the US you are in, there are two different GNSS connection sources

Connections Sources

On the surface, there are two options, auto and custom local options.


This is the easy button for connecting to a global system of satellites that works almost everywhere in the US. You also will not need an additional plan to use this network. The drawback to auto is it will not quite get to the same precision as a custom port local system can.

Custom Local GNSS:

Using the custom local system allows you to receive more up-to-date information directly for your state or even more local areas. Here, however you need to have a user account within that state's RTK base network. This becomes increasingly useful if there is frequent tectonic activity in your region.

Connecting to Your State's RTK base station

Each state and area has a different URL and system that you need to connect to in order to get up-to-date information. Sometimes this comes with an additional charge.

For example, South Carolina GNSS local custom configuration would look like this:

Custom GNSS

To find more information on RTK's and what system your state uses click here.

After Setup

Know that you have your GNSS configured you are ready to use the device. Opening Site Marker with the device connected to Bluetooth and turned on is all you have to do in order to pass the information on your location to the device. Trimble overrides your device's location to get the exact location of the DA2. You will notice as you walk around and drop pins it is significantly more accurate.